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Regular Exercise can maintain Health, Boost Energy, & Improve Confidence.

Dear Friend,

Did you know as you age, your muscles begin to shrink and lose mass and your strength decreases. In addition, the speed at which your body converts food to energy slows, your flexibility is reduced, and your bones become more fragile. Some individuals experience common conditions such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, which can lead to a decrease in activity and quality of life. Regular exercise and activity provided by a personal training program along with a healthy diet can help offset these effects of aging.

Here's How:

Working with our experienced and professional personal trainers you can expect to see numerous benefits of our Fit Over 50 training program which include - an increase in balance, increase in coordination, increase in strength and endurance, controlling your weight, managing or reducing the risk of chronic diseases, improving your mood, promoting cognitive well-being, and boosting energy.

"Thank you so much for teaching me so much about fitness. I always feel stronger and more alert after each workout."



-Mary Lou


"You've helped me a great deal. I am more mobile, I feel better daily, and I am stronger. When I play golf, I can play better, feel better while I play, and I can turn more during my swing."


- Hobsin Godden

Here are some of the benefits you'll receive with this program!

1) Increase Your Strength

We'll show you the strength training exercises to increase your overall strentgh.

2) Increase Your Flexibility

Our program incorporates the MedX line of flexibility equipment proven to increase your flexibility.

3) Prevent Common Injuries

We'll show you the proper stretching and warm-up that is essential to preventing injuries. If you have a chronic injury we will design a program that can help improve the weak areas so the injury won't hold you back.

4) Improve Your Balance & Coordination

Our exercises will improve your balance and coordination - making you feel more centered.

5) Reduce Your Stiffness & Soreness

Exercising promotes circulation and recovery, allowing you to play more often at a high level.

6) Improve Your Functional Strength

Improve your core strength by using specific exercises that train your body as a unit and not as individual muscle groups.

7) Improve Your Muscular Endurance

With our Fit Over 50 program you will have more muscular endurance because we'll train your muscles with complete exhaustion.

8) Decrease Your Body Fat

The average participant that completes our Fit Over 50 program will experience a 3% - 6% decrease in their body fat levels.

9) Set Realistic Goals

We can help you set specific goals, whether they're looking to merely improve their overall physical health or build muscle strength.

10) Customized Plan Just for You!

We will take into account your age, your physical capabilities, your preferences and personal goals. We will then design stretches, and exercises, as professional trainers specialized in and have an extensive knowledge of aging bodies and how they best react to physical activity. 

Don't take my word for it. nbnbnbListen to what my customers say.


"You can work out as a couple like Mary Lou & Vern."






"You can work out as a couple like Gerri & Bart."





Although there always seems to be multiple negative activities associated with our modern era of information technology, there is a bright note! The cutting edge of fitness and wellness is increasingly available and accessible as never before. Fortunately, this prized status is increasingly becoming incorporated into our every day lives and is undoubtedly becoming a sign of the times!

We are extremely fortunate to have the privilege of working with a personal trainer who embodies the concept of fitness and wellness. Absolute Fitness' entire business has been focused on the forefront of fitness; consequently, their never-ending fund of knowledge is regularly imparted to their clients. I am a benefactor of their impressive background and feel as if I've been “reinvented”, thanks to Absolute Fitness. Their friendly, easy manner make even the most rigorous work-out sessions enjoyable.

Without a doubt, the personal satisfaction of achieving the coveted status of fitness serves to launch you forward to achieve even higher goals, which serves to keep your work-outs fresh and challenging. And the unexpected benefit of stress reduction is amazing and extremely sustaining! Considering the stress burden that regularly befalls us all, this, in itself, is a worthwhile endpoint. Additionally, as the aging process relentlessly marches onward, the empowering sense of achieving fitness does much to leverage our seeming powerless in this realm of our lives….and what a delightful payoff when compliments regularly start coming your way (not that this is important, mind you?!!

To quote the Visa commercial, there are some things that money can't buy!


- Dr. Carol Ussery, M.D.

In Summary, here's what you get:

- A specifically designed plan to make your fitness goals a reality.

- An education to last a lifetime. We want you to be able to go out on your own after your program is complete and keep making progress.

- Periodic fitness progress reports to objectively show you just how far you have come in your physical transformation.

To your success,

Rob Jewett, CSCS

Owner - Absolute Fitness

Why are we different?

Like anything else, if you want the best results you seek an expert. You've probably already spent tons of money on bogus exercise equipment, gym memberships, and weight loss products.

Don't waste anymore of your precious time or money and let us show you how you to get in shape faster than you thought possible. We have tons of expericence working with Seniors so we can work around any past or present injury you have.

There are other personal trainers in this area, but you WILL NOT find another private training studio that has the same level of experience as we do. If you're looking for someone to give you a generic workout program with a bunch of machines and send you to the treadmill then our program is not for you. We're going to work your balance, coordination, and strength all at once.






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