Want More Power Off the Tee, More Rotation Through Your Swing, & The Energy to Play More Often?

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If you'd like to increase your driving power off the tee, have the physical ability to play more often without feeling stiff, achy, or tired, and have the energy to mentally focus for an entire round or two of golf, then this might be the most important web site you'll ever visit.

Here's why:

With our Fit to a Tee Golf Conditioning program you'll learn the exact same exercises that professional golfers use to increase their driving power, how to stretch each muscle group to maximize golf flexibility, how to develop a complete golf conditioning program for you - that will lower your score and give you more energy to play more often.

Now, I know you're probably skeptical. That's normal and healthy. Let me give you three good reasons I can back up what I claim:

Three Reasons To Believe What I Say

Reason one: I've spent the last thirteen years training professional, top amateur, and week-end golfers. I've been a Professional Strength & Conditioning Coach at the high school, Division 1 College Level, and with Major League Baseball - training athletes. I have the experience you need to develop and guide you through a conditioning program that will improve your golf game. I've spent years applying different strategies and different approaches because every golfer has different needs and I have the experience to develop an approach that is guaranteed to work for you.

Reason two: I've spent years studying the human body, human movement patterns, and human performance - so you don't have too. My educational background, which includes a Bachelors degree in exercise science, a Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach, a Certified Personal Trainer, and a Certified Level I & II Athletic Coach, has enabled me to spend years studying how the human body moves, what exercises optimize human performance, and how to maximize your stretching exercises to gain the greatest increases in your golf flexibility.

Reason three: My golf fitness program – Fit to a Tee – centers around core strength, muscular endurance, balance, hand - eye coordination, and increasing your golf flexibility. You'll learn specific exercises to increase your flexibility and strength - giving you greater driving distance. Fit to a Tee is in a format that's easy to use – for anyone at any fitness level. You can use this system to maximize your physical potential, save time, money and frustration by eliminating what won't work for you. We'll guide you through an eight week program that has everything you need to get your body in the best golf condition.

"The focus on strength, power, and endurance has enabled me to hit more powerful drives as well as muscle the golf ball out of tough places. Fit to a Tee helped me climb the ranks of collegiate golf and I'm confident it will do the same for my professional career."

- Jimmy Lytle

- Professional Golfer

"The biggest area I noticed was my length off the tee.  Fit to a Tee helped me add more stability and power to my swing. My scores are definitely lower by an average of 2 strokes. I can hit all my clubs farther and my driver has a lot more carry."

- Braden List

- Professional Golfer

Here are some of the benefits you'll receive with this program!

1) Improve Your Driving Power

We'll show you the strength training exercises that the pros use to increase their distance off the tee and design a program that's fit for you.

2) Increase Your Golf Flexibility

Our program incorporates the MedX line of golf fitness equipment proven to increase your golf flexibility and is used by numerous professional golfers.

3) Prevent Common Golf Injuries

We'll show you the proper stretching and warm-up that is essential to preventing injuries. If you have a chronic injury we will design a program that can help improve the weak areas so the injury won't hold you back.

4) Improve Your Balance & Coordination

Our golf specific exercises will improve your balance and coordination - making you feel more centered which will allow more power development in your hips and through your swing.

5) Reduce Your Stiffness and Soreness

Exercising promotes circulation and recovery, allowing you to play more often at a high level.

6) Improve Your Functional Strength

Improve your core strength by using our golf specific exercises that trains your body as a unit and not as individual muscle groups. Your body works as a unit through your golf swing. If you've ever had a shoulder or knee problem and tried playing golf – you know exactly what I'm talking about.

7) Improve Your Muscular Endurance

With our golf specific program you will have the muscular endurance to shoot the back nine just like you did on the front nine. If you see your score go up on the back nine, that's due to the lack of muscular endurance and your golf mechanics are suffering.

8) Decrease Your Body Fat

The average golf that completes our Fit to a Tee program will experience a 3% - 6% decrease in their body fat levels. Not only will this help improve your golf game – it will also make you healthier!

9) Pre & Post Video Analysis

Have your current Golf Swing analyzed by a PGA Teaching professional. Have your swing analyzed again after you've gained all kinds of new flexibility, core strength and power.

10) MedX Golf Fitness Equipment

We have the workout specifically designed for golfers using the same equipment that was used on the Men's PGA and Men's Senior PGA tour. We use the same MedX equipment endorsed by former US Open Champion Tom Kite and Butch Harmon, Tiger Woods' swing coach, uses MedX equipment at his Las Vegas golf school.

Don't take my word for it.

Listen to what my customers say.


“The program is great. What I like about the program is the amount of stretching that is involved. Flexibility is a golfer's best friend and of course everyone can benefit from some form of strength training. “

- Richard Cromwell

- PGA Pro

- Director of Golf, The Country Club of Virginia

“Some of my goals were to strengthen my lower back, improve endurance in my muscles, and improve my flexibility. I felt completely comfortable doing every exercise and stretching technique. After following the program I have noticed a big difference in my game.”

- Jane Crafter

- Former LPGA Touring Pro

“My golf game has improved dramatically. Improving my flexibility has been key to changing my swing. It has taken 10 strokes off my game and given me more energy to play more often without feeling stiff or tired.”

- Dr. Richard Hayes, M.D.

- Wellington , FL.

In Summary, here's what you get:

You get a complete 8-week golf fitness program to maximize training potential and prevent over training, - and my complete guarantee that you'll be happy with the program. Plus you'll get email communication with your own golf fitness expert.

How it works: Participants in this 8 week program meet 2 times per week with their golf fitness expert for a total of 16 sessions. Each session last approximately 45 -55 minutes. You can workout privately or with your golf partner.

To your success,

Rob Jewett, CSCS

Creator - FIT TO A TEE

Owner - Absolute Fitness

More golfers that have completed Fit to a Tee!

“My lower back always felt tight after playing 18 holes. Now I know what stretches to do to loosen up before, during and after I play. I've increased my flexibility, strength and endurance. I can play more often without feeling sore from the round I played the day before.”

- Ben Ussery

- The Country Club of Virginia

“Fit To A Tee is a great exercise program for any golfer of any age looking to get healthy and improve their golf game. Clients that have participated in the program have had amazing results. I recommend it to all my clients.”

- Richard White

- PGA Pro

- Director of Golf, Willow Oaks Country Club

“I had the best game of my life. I feel better than I have in years and I am able to maintain my level of play throughout the entire 18 holes.”

- Merle Henkel

“Fit To A Tee is a great program. I was very happy with my results and the program was very good. I brought my handicap down from a 14 to a 9.”

- Lee Weisiger

“I gained an average of 20 yards on all my clubs. I lost 6% body fat, increased my upper body strength by 63 pounds, and increased my flexibility by 5 inches in just 8 weeks. I have recommended this program to everyone I play golf with. I am currently doing the program on my own and will continue to do so.”

- James DeVoe

The Fit To A Tee training program has turned out to be very different from my preconceived notions. While I expected it to be mostly lifting and stretching, I never imagined the intensity of each of the exercises. I usually workout at a high intensity level while lifting weights (doing supersets) or using various cardiovascular equipment, and can attest to reaching the same peak levels in the golf fitness program. The improvements noted in my strength and flexibility has made me incorporate this program as a regular part of my weekly routine. Any golf swing improvements will only be a bonus.

- Jeff Oller


- GE Financial Assurance

You’ve helped me a great deal. I can play better, feel better while I play, and I can turn more during my swing.


Hobsin Godden

YES.... More golfers that have completed Fit to a Tee!

  • George Burns

Former PGA Touring Pro

  • LaRee Suggs

Former University of Richmond Women's Head Golf Coach

Former LPGA Touring Pro

  • Alice Dye

Inducted into the Indiana Golf Hall of Fame in 1976 and in

2004 was voted the PGA's First Lady of Golf Award

  • Pete Dye

Sixth recipient of the PGA Tour Lifetime Achievement Award.

Considered to be one of the most influential course architects in the world

  • Colin List

Palm Beach Post All-Area Golf 1 st Team.

Advanced to his first state tournament after shooting a 69 to win the Region 7-1A tournament.

  • Natalie Easterly

Holds a record five Richmond Women's Golf Association Amateur champion

  • Harry W. Easterly

Former president of the USGA;

Harry W. Easterly Museum of Virginia Golf History houses each of the VSGA's championship trophies.

  • Alex Redfearn

Palm Beach Post All Area Golf Boys Honorable Mention

Qualified for the Florida State Amateur

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